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Learn the Niuean Language!

Fakaalofa lahi atu, Welcome to Learn Niue

Learn Niue is an interactive tool designed to encourage people of all ages to take up learning basic Niue Language. Language is an integral part of cultural identity.

This interactive tool is your opportunity to learn Vagahau Niue at your own pace in your own time. Learn Niue Language is an enriching experience. You’ll build confidence and in time increase your knowledge of the Niue Culture. I encourage you to take full advantage of this website, Learn Niue.

Fakaue lahi. Kia monuina.

Try the examples below

Fakaalofa atu

English Definition: Hello / Greetings

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Malolo Nakai A Koe

English Definition: How are you

media/phrases/malolo_nakai_a_koe_ how_are_you.mp3
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Koe Kia

English Definition: Goodbye

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Congratulations and well done you have successful learnt three common words and phrases in Niuean.

To learn more using our online resource of words and phrases, you will first need to register. Once registered, you will receive a login and password enabling you to login and access the Learn Niue website. We will continue to add new words and phrases over time so keep coming back to the Learn Niue website to learn more Niuean language.